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Ariadne's Fibres

Cybernetic reflection for users, meteorological data and air quality, with infrared and color sensors, computers and monitors

This living mirror, a veritable place of exchange of images whiwh move through us, is able to reveal the expansion of our nerve fibres as it penetrates our bodies. In each and everyone of us these fibres carry the nerve impulses which make possible and power our actions. The Ariadne's Fibres transmit information, convey images and drops of images: these we hold, those that hold us, which make us, those we share.

[Concept] Ikse Maître
[Sound composition] Vincent Hulot
with the collaboration of  cervval

Ariadne's Fibres are part of the Forum des images which day by day generate a creative behavourial artwork influenced by the weather and air quality, reacting with the crowd and interacting with the users.

Ariadne's Fibres is a creation by des Vues de l’esprit in collaboration with cervval ; a coproduction by La métonymie and Forum des images with the support of Mairie de Paris.

Forum des images, Paris, France – October 6, 2018

Les Fibres d'Ariane

Les Fibres d'Ariane

Les Fibres d'Ariane